Healthy Hair & Hair Growth Tips!

Photo by Lei
Photo by Lei

When it comes to healthy hair, it’s not only what you put on your hair that counts, it’s what you put in your body as well.

Hair is made out of protein. So when choosing food for hair growth, choose protein-rich foods.

Top foods that promote hair growth are: Protein, Iron, B Vitamins, Essential Fatty Acids, Vitamin E and Sulfur.

Remember the foundation of all of our new hair, skin and nail growth is the nutrients we eat. Eating a healthy diet, will promote stronger, healthier cells throughout your entire body. Inside and out.

Tips for growing long hair! – (Growing Process!)

1. Start with healthy hair

2. AVOID!! using any type of heating products. Blow dryers, curling irons etc. No chemicals,  peroxides etc.

3. Never use elastic bands to secure hair unless they have fabric covering them. And no nylon brushes. Go for a boar bristle brush and wide tooth comb. Never brush hair when it’s wet. Be extra gentle when hair is wet.

4. No Hot Water!

5. Maintain a healthy diet!



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