Evangelist Denise Matthews

Evangelist Denise Matthews
Evangelist Denise Matthews (Layout)


I had the pleasure of working with evangelist Denise Matthews for a short time. She contacted me to redesign her ministry business cards. Though she wasn’t well and I didn’t know how serious her sickness was becoming, we were still able to talk about how her new cards would be designed. So the project was not complete as I was also waiting for one more package that contained the second set of cards to design for her..

Denise Matthews, the singer, model and actress formerly known as Vanity who toured with music icon Prince before giving her life to Jesus in the early 1990s became an evangelist. Sadly she passed on February 15, 2016 in Fremont, California.


Denise’s book titled “Blame it on Vanity” is available at this link  www.blameitonvanity.com


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