How would you feel is someone out of nowhere miraculously come to your aid at your lowest point, or at a challenging time in your life, or for you or your loved ones? That is the feeling that RAK wants to give to others as we come to their aid when they are low on faith, hope and resources due to a random act of misfortune.
RAK’s goal is to provide a bridge of assistance to those in need of a temporary or long term solution to their untimely predicament of misfortune. RAK will align with well established and diverse non-profits that specialize in various charitable causes that RAK is also passionate about. RAK will create an alliance with these non-profits with its purpose of collaborating in various fundraisers, drives and awareness campaigns of mutually passionate societal ills.
Helping and touching the lives of one person at a time makes a difference in the world that we live in. Those in this predicament might not ever think that they can be helped because no one cares about them but themselves, and even they are struggling to care about themselves at their lowest points. Having no way out we are like guardian angels, rescuing them and in turn, they will gain strength from our kind deeds and go on to make an impact of their own to become better and giving a helping hand to someone who was just like they were at one point in their struggling life.



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