Never dim your light because others feel uninspired, jealous, hatred, insecure or whatever their reason is for wanting you to fail; you keep pushing even harder to accomplish all that God created you to achieve.




About the Author:

Born in Los Angeles, California Lei has dedicated herself to spreading the word of love, peace and the principles of the Gospel via online social networks for over 15 years. She has overcome great personal loss and maintains her mission to be a blessing to others. Many have said that they are blessed to read her inspiring words and compassions for others.

Lei is also available for Digital Image Retouch, Graphic Design, Photography, Web Design, and Logos. Lei has over 10 years experience in marketing, graphic design, photography, digital image retouch & promotions. Leisel’s clients include retailers, medical professionals, photographers, dancers, entertainers, athletes, publishers and those in the fashion, sales and service industry.





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